Surround yourself with local culture and authentic experience

Activities in house

For those who want to learn about Vietnamese culture or get a glimpse of the local lifestyle, our indoor activities offer the perfect opportunity to travel with purpose and experience more than just a regular tourist. We offer classes and day trips with a focus on ancient workmanship, traditional gastronomy and hidden local life. More often than not, these are the unforgettable experiences that guests call the highlight of their trip.

Traditional embroidery class

In this class, learn how to make a traditional embroidery product in one of the birthplaces of the craft. Văn Lâm Village in Ninh Binh is considered to be one of the cradles of classic embroidery in Vietnam.

Cooking class

Learn the art of authentic Vietnamese cooking from a seasoned local chef. Pick up tips, tricks and secret recipes for classic appetizers, mains and desserts.

Local dance performance

The Folk Dancing Club of Hai Nham Village brought in a special musical and cultural performances by amateurs seeking a taste of authenticity.

Tour packages


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Dong Thai lake bike excursion

A tour from Hanoi, looping around ex-Tonkin, exploring three ‘must-see’ sites : Pu Luong Nature Reserve, inhabited by the Thai and Muong ethnic tribes, with its confluence of terraced rice fields and primitive forests; Trang An Landscape Complex,..

Unforgettable excursion in Halong Bay

2 days 1 night excursion in Halong Bay An unforgettable excursion in Halong Bay for 2 days and 1 night. You will have a chance to take part in various activities on our cruise ship during your excursion while experiencing [...]